Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Live to Die Another Day

I'm elated the Mavs won last night, but did they have to stress me out so much? And they will do it again Thursday night I'm sure. Good thing this team knows how create winning streaks because they need two more back-to-back wins to advance to the next round.

In other news, Veronica Mars is back to the TV schedule. Yay!

I'm getting my hair cut on Sunday. You might be thinking: Sunday? The Susan G. Komen For the Cure is sponsoring a Cuts for the Cure day on Sunday when 100 percent of proceeds from select salons go to the Komen foundation. I need a haircut, so I might as well help fight breast cancer with my vanity. :-)

I ran a 5K race on Saturday for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). It was my first race since October and my first time to run 3 miles since November. My foot's been OK lately. I didn't set a PR, but I didn't embarrass myself. And I got a medal! And they called my name as I crossed the finish line. It was the least organized race I've ever been to, but CASA fights for children, not organize road races, so I can cut them some slack.

Graduation is Saturday. I'm feeling a little sentimental about this graduating class because it's the first class I've watched from move-in day to graduation. (I've been here too long.) It's interesting to watch the transformation of the students. I interviewed a student for a job in my office four years ago, and I didn't hire him because he couldn't communicate effectively. He went on to be a leader on campus. I hired a guy that became Student Senate President, Homecoming King and Mr. University.

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