Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Five

  1. I've been listening to NPR's Fresh Air podcast in the mornings when I run. Love it! The host, Terry Gross, is an amazing interviewer. She asks intelligent, probing questions, and it's always entertaining. Give it a try if you like arts and culture.

  2. Is anyone else enjoying this Fall weather? I know it won't last, that the Texas heat will return before cool temperatures stick around, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

  3. Here is a Before Picture from my new apartment. Boring bedroom. I decided to change my bedding, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I found a pillow with colors and a pattern I liked and started building. But right now, it's a boring room. Hopefully next week I will have an After Picture to share with you of my bedroom with a DIY head board I'm making with Rachel. I also need to repaint my lap because I bought it to go with my old bedding, which was black, white and red.

  4. So I visited a church last week where the singles class series is about how to date. Literally. The teacher talked about what you should and shouldn't do to make a good impression on a first date so you'll go on a second date. That was the topic of discussion in Bible class! At the end, the teacher did tie it back to the Bible, by describing the Bible as the best guidebook you can find for making a good first impression on a date. I'm not joking.

  5. I spent Thursday in one of my communities. I visited 10 businesses, had a lunch meeting and attended a Chamber mixer. It was exhausting. I'm glad the Chamber mixer included free fajitas because I did not feel like cooking dinner. I did win a free gift card to a spa!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Five

  1. Even though I'm doing the same job in a new location, it's totally different. I'm traveling much more frequently, which I like, even though it doesn't come naturally to me. Today I had lunch with a complete stranger to recruit her to be a volunteer. Mildly successful. Tomorrow I'm meeting another stranger for a similar reason. I am excited about my new assignment for October. Because it is Breast Health Month, I have to schedule at least 10 meetings with different organizations (including the mayors of all my territories) to talk about the ways we can encourage breast health among their female employees. I like this assignment because instead of asking people to help me, I am telling them what I can do for them.

  2. Went to a Rangers game this week. In the rain. And they lost. But at least it was Dollar Hotdog Night. Thanks, Jenise, for the hook-up.

  3. Many, many stories lines came out of the US Open, both positive and negative. I'm still in shock that Federer lost to Del Potro. I had that gut instinct it might happen, a la Safin's defeat of Sampras, but I didn't trust my instincts. I should always trust my instincts. They have a good track record.

  4. The new season of TV is upon us! I have a slight obsession with numerous TV shows, so this is an exciting time of the year for me. And the Oscar-caliber movies start showing in theaters.

  5. Sorry my posts have been boring lately. Other than the move, not much going on.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Five

  1. Sorry about the lack of a new post last week. I'm adjusting to life in the Big City. I've lost an hour from the end of my day. This week I've been watching tennis all night, every night. So before I knew it, Friday came and went. But this week I found my routine. Sort of.

  2. My job involves driving. That hasn't changed with my move. But I've lived in small cities with little traffic for the past six years. I'm still adjusting to the traffic and how quickly I go through a tank of gas. I've filled up three times this week!

  3. I had a good Labor Day weekend. Went to WestFest with some friends. After living so close to West, eating kolaches isn't the novelty it once was. I still came home with some. And some jalapeno cornbread. Yummy. On Labor Day, I had barbecue and spent the day in the pool with some other friends. And I didn't even have to drive in for the weekend.

  4. I have no motivation to decorate my apartment. I've unpacked everything (except books; I need a bookshelf) but I haven't put anything on the walls. I want something different than I have, but I don't want to spend money. (It's not cheap to cancel a lease.) So my apartment doesn't feel like home quite yet. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. Pictures to come.

  5. I'm eating hazelnut gelato purchased from Central Market in Plano. So glad to live in DFW again!