Monday, June 02, 2008

A Camping Life for Me

I've been at camp for a week now, but today is the first full day of camp with campers. There are 60 4th-8th graders running around making life interesting. My day has been easy. I've had plenty of time to get work done, check email, and blog. This afternoon I might watch a movie. Who knows! Every night that I put on long pants and a sweatshirt, I smile. And I enjoy looking at a sky full of stars every night.

We are in extreme fire danger, so campfire is out, but we do simulate a campfire using flashlights. I think tonight is our first time to truly do that. I took the counselors up there last week, but we just used spotlights.

So overall, I think I'm enjoying myself. Of course, it's only day one of week one of nine, but still. I was worried about orientation with the counselors because all of them have been campers and know more about the camp than I do. But it went well. We went hiking and got lost as a group, which is much better than getting lost on a mountain by yourself, like I did a few weeks ago.