Monday, June 02, 2008

A Camping Life for Me

I've been at camp for a week now, but today is the first full day of camp with campers. There are 60 4th-8th graders running around making life interesting. My day has been easy. I've had plenty of time to get work done, check email, and blog. This afternoon I might watch a movie. Who knows! Every night that I put on long pants and a sweatshirt, I smile. And I enjoy looking at a sky full of stars every night.

We are in extreme fire danger, so campfire is out, but we do simulate a campfire using flashlights. I think tonight is our first time to truly do that. I took the counselors up there last week, but we just used spotlights.

So overall, I think I'm enjoying myself. Of course, it's only day one of week one of nine, but still. I was worried about orientation with the counselors because all of them have been campers and know more about the camp than I do. But it went well. We went hiking and got lost as a group, which is much better than getting lost on a mountain by yourself, like I did a few weeks ago.


rdh97j said...

Can you send me your address at camp there? I thought you might like to get something at "Mail Call" - do they still do that?! :)

ABL said...

hope you continue to enjoy it. i must say, i'm a little jealous at the picture i get of you in your sweatshirt hugging your knees to your chest under the stars beside the "campfire". that's one of my favorite things!

Elisa said...

Camp does sound like fun. I know it's hard work, too, especially for a whole summer, but I'd love to be back at camp for awhile.

Wendy said...

Sounds like fun times! Sucky that you can't have a campfire...that's half the fun of camp. Hopefully the fire danger won't last forever. On a completely unrelated topic, Turnpike sold the building and they're looking for a new site/building to move the church...crazy!