Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Five: Catch Up

  1. I've resisted writing about the two weddings I was in - my sister's and Elisabeth's - due to the lack of pictures I have to add to this post. I didn't have my camera at either wedding and neither photographer has released photos. But ask and you shall receive. I was maid of honor in my little sister's wedding almost a month ago. Amanda's wedding was similar to what I would want. Simple but full of personality. Her lingerie shower/bachelorette party was one of the best ones I've attended: barbecue, margaritas and close friends only, no parents. May aunt and uncle from Arizona and cousin and his family from Alabama attended, so it was a minor family reunion.

  2. Wedding number two was for college friend Elisabeth. Gorgeous wedding in an old, downtown church. Very classic and traditional. Great to see my Lubbock friends again.

  3. My busy season at work is finished. I haven't known what to do with myself this week. The evenings seems to last forever. Plenty of time for cooking and cleaning, exercising, watching Netflix movies, anything I want to do.

  4. My apartment complex is offering a recycling program, and by program, I mean a recycling dumpster on the grounds. Works for me. It's much easier than driving to the drop-off center in town, and I don't have to sort anything. I had the exciting privilege of being the first person to use the the shiny new dumpster.

  5. It's been an interesting season finale season hasn't it? Jim and Pam are having a baby! Did Jack and Co. change the future? Does Booth really have amnesia? Chuck knows kung fu?

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