Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five

  1. For my (few) regular readers, I'm not done with my Best of the Decade series, I'm just struggling with the TV and music lists. Challenges, challenges. To be continued.

  2. Super excited about the premier of LOST next week. Bummed that I work every Tuesday night and can't watch the episodes live. What is going to happen? Totally love these posters for LOST. Check out more here.
  3. Recently released movies you should add to your Netflix queue immediately: the Hurt Locker, the Cove (propaganda with disturbing footage, but worth knowing about), and (500) Days of Summer. Yay!

  4. Glad the work week is over. I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights in addition to regular working hours. And I'm not done yet. I'm working 11-4 tomorrow.

  5. Recent happy thoughts:
    -"What the Fraggle Rock is going on here?" - Scrubs
    -"stealing" wi-fi from the parking lot
    -people sitting on the floor reading in a bookstore
    -watching tape-delayed sports instead of looking up the scores
    -Conan: "Let's have fun on television!" followed by jumping and dancing
    -playing tennis and cooking with Janie on Sunday

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