Monday, November 06, 2006

The Bus Driver Asked Me Out (UPDATED)

I thought it was over. I went to see Billie off for her Branson trip this morning, just like I always do. The 36 year-old divorced bus driver was there. Not much interaction. He called me this morning because Billie asked him to relay a message to me. I come back from lunch and have a message from him. He wanted to talk to me about a trip on Monday. What trip? He's on Billie's last trip of the season. I check the basketball schedule, and he’s not driving the teams anywhere. I call him back, and he’s acting all awkward, and I know it’s coming. The trip is that he wants to know if I’d rather have lunch or dinner with him when he gets back. Oh yeah, that’s how he asked me out. I was kind of shocked, so my reply was, “What?” Hey, it’s better than laughing. Anyway, I tell him, “Sure” and I don’t think he was overly thrilled with my blah response, but I did not expect him to call and ask me out while he’s technically working. For everyone concerned about safety, he returned my phone call when the bus was stopped for lunch. So I told him to give me a call when he got back and we’d figure something out.

The story gets more interesting. I end up telling all the ladies in the office this story. And I talk about how the nine-year age difference bothers me. And one of the ladies in the office tells me that her son (who also works here) is 37. I go into how I don’t view guys his age as potential dates. My exact quote was “I don’t go around thinking Mondy is hot." This gets a big laugh from everyone, and literally seconds later Mondy is at the door! We all completely lose it laughing, and he is so embarrassed.

I think I'm going to agree to a casual lunch with him, and meet him at the restaurant of my choosing.

Apparently he made a comment in October that his divorce was final or about to be final. So, yeah, I’m going out with a guy that has been divorced for LESS THAN A MONTH!

Oh, a guy in my office thinks he looks much older than 36 due to his grey hair. Mid-40s is the consensus. For those of you that didn't think the age thing was a big deal, he looks much older than he actually is.

I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE. He called me back right before 5 p.m. to make sure I knew that he was serious before, and he wasn't kidding around. I tried to play it cool this time, but I couldn't believe he called to tell me he was serious! I just told him I assumed he was serious. He gave me a chance to get out of the date, but I didn't. I'm just going to assume he was extremely nervous, and after my unusual response, he started second guessing himself. But why would he think I thought he was joking? Who jokes about something like that with a stranger? Definitely a lunch date now. And if he calls me anymore during this trip, I may just have to cancel on him. Just kidding. Maybe.


Christina said...

What in the world? You definitely have to keep us posted!!

Wendy said...

I know! I can't wait to hear more about how this "date" goes. Who knows, Jamie, maybe this will be a really funny story that you two will tell your grandkids years from now... Ha!

Jaime said...

Jamie quit being so hard on the guy!!! You are finding reasons to make this a bad thing! Not just finding them but looking for them! Open yourself up to the possibility that maybe he is a great guy in a rotten situation! He is more than the fact that he is divorced. And just maybe he learned how NOT to do it the first time and think about how hard this has probably all been for him to take the leap for something. Not all guys can do that, 20 something 30 something married, single, divorced or otherwise! Give the guy a break!!!

Jamie said...

I was going to give the guy a chance, despite feeling uncomfortable, until several people mentioned the creepiness factor. And these are people that would never mention anything like this to me unless they had legitimate reservations. And I believe in trusting that little voice inside my head.