Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Interesting Development

I was informed this morning that a 36 year-old divorcee kind of has a crush on me.

Billie, a woman I work with that leads the bus trips for senior adults, was giving me all sorts of grief after I said I wouldn't be attending her trip reunion luncheon. I normally attend, but they always serve chicken fried steak, mash potatoes and gravy. Yummy, but not an ideal meal when you are trying to finish your Biggest Loser Challenge strong, and have eaten that meal twice in the last month. Anyway, she kept pestering me about it, which I thought was odd.

She finally asks me into her office and informs me that the driver for her last trip "has an eye" for me. He actually manages the bus company, and only drives for her and the girls' basketball team because he's good friends with the coach. She tells me he has a degree, he's really nice and funny, everyone loves him. And he told her he would come to the luncheon if I was there. I don't remember ever meeting this guy! She said he's always asking if I'm coming to things, and wants Billie to convince me to go on their upcoming trip!

I'm not supposed to know this, but when she realized I wouldn't be coming to the luncheon after I'm sure she told him I was, I think she got desperate and told me. I don't think I want anything to do with a 36 year-old divorcee. My MO is cradle robbing, so I'm thrown by his age, but it's the divorced thing that makes me not interested. Lots of baggage. (His wife cheated on him.)

I just think the whole thing is odd. And humorous. Should I go to the luncheon and at least meet this guy?

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Rachel said...

I'd say go and see. I'd be very apprehensive about a divorcee too, but there are some great guys who have gotten a raw deal from a rotten wife. What do you have to lose? Oh yeah...a few pounds. Well, other than that, you get a free meal, meet someone new and can walk away if you want to. Let me know what happens!