Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Five: West Texas

West Texas is an interesting place. Here are five signs you live in West Texas.
  1. When you leave for work in the morning, the sky is blue. When you come home, the sky is brown, dirt brown.

  2. You can run past tumbleweeds in the middle of a residential street before sunrise, and probably any other time of the day. Quite often you have to dodge them while driving around town.

  3. Your interior window and door frames are always, always, covered in dirt.

  4. There are as many 24-hour local weather channels as there are local network channels.

  5. You couldn't direct someone to a hill if your life depended on it. The flat land and never-ending horizon makes for beautiful sunrises and sunsets though.


Rachel Crain said...

I might add that we call those things growing on the sides of the roads everywhere Mesquite TREES, despite the fact that they are only as tall as most people's lawn hedges. We have to claim them as trees because that is as close as we can get there!

The Best Family said...

ahhh.... as awful as it may sound, I miss west texas! I am so thankful for our beautiful trees here in austin, but I miss those west TX sunsets!