Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Shocker


It's Easter Saturday at noon, and it's 28 degrees with two inches of snow on the ground. (I'm making that figure up. I have yet to find a news website that tells me how many inches or rain or snow we get after a storm. You'd think the citizens would want that information, especially since we have channels dedicated to nothing but local weather.) Crazy! More snow is in the forecast for this evening, so I'm sure the roads will be fun Sunday morning. Here are a few pictures.

The front yard.

The back yard.

This has nothing to do with snow, but a few weeks ago after a heavy rain storm, a large double rainbow filled the sky. Rainbows can disappear so quickly, I took this picture from my back door so I wouldn't miss it. You can't see the reflection, but it was gorgeous!


The Best Family said...

this weather is just crazy! It messed up some of our easter plans, but we didnt have the joy of the snow.... just the sleet and freezing temperatures! And the rainbow pic is beautiful!

Elisa said...

I bet that WAS a shocker. Wow. I miss Texas rainbows and the fact that you can see so much of them at once.