Thursday, August 02, 2007

100 Things

I am going to do this 100 Things tag that is going around. If you read it, I hope it's interesting.
  1. I was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas.

  2. I've lived in L for almost five years now. (I'm stuck here.)

  3. I lived and worked in London for six months.

  4. I lived and worked in Cork, Ireland, for four months.

  5. I spent five weeks backpacking in Europe alone.

  6. I've been to 14 countries in Europe, most during those five weeks.

  7. I love going to the movies.

  8. I love reading books.

  9. I love theatre.

  10. I love watching TV.

  11. Thursday night is my favorite night of TV. I watch My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock on NBC and Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy on ABC.

  12. I couldn't live without TiVo.

  13. Or my iPod.

  14. I mow my own yard.

  15. I have a younger sister.

  16. I do not have any living grandparents.

  17. I've watched 38 movies and one TV series season on Netflix so far this year.

  18. I love the Dallas Cowboys.

  19. Emmitt Smith is my favorite Dallas Cowboy ever.

  20. I like Tony Romo right now.

  21. I played tennis in high school.

  22. I've been to Wimbledon.

  23. I saw the Williams sisters play doubles at Wimbledon.

  24. Pete Sampras is my all-time favorite tennis player.

  25. Rafael Nadal is my favorite male tennis player right now and Venus Williams is my favorite female player.

  26. My tennis injuries include a bloody nose and black eye.

  27. I was in drama in high school.

  28. I competed in two One Act plays.

  29. I took advanced art in middle school.

  30. I took roller skating lessons in elementary school.

  31. I sprained my left arm skating.

  32. I broke my right arm in second grade.

  33. I went to a private elementary school.

  34. I've never had surgery.

  35. I collect key chains.

  36. I've kept a happy list instead of a journal since my junior year in high school.

  37. I'm growing jalapenos and green bell peppers, the first things I've ever grown.

  38. I love the Dixie Chicks.

  39. I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

  40. I don't watch reality TV.

  41. I love to go camping.

  42. Beaver's Bend State Park is where my family always went camping.

  43. I remember very little from my childhood.

  44. I am an incredible Taboo player.

  45. I saw my first opera in Verona, Italy.

  46. The last book I read that I couldn't put down was No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy.

  47. I voted Democrat in the last presidential election.

  48. I've never had a traffic ticket.

  49. My favorite color is green.

  50. Then red.

  51. I hate to dust.

  52. Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite flavor of ice cream.

  53. I can't eat hamburgers at Wendy's because the patties are square.

  54. As a volunteer I raise money for the United Way and the Children's Miracle Network.

  55. I lived with a boy for two years (we were not dating.)

  56. I will look at a billboard and count the colors or say every color represented in my head.

  57. I will count the "sections" of things like entertainment centers in my head.

  58. I used to count steps.

  59. I must be getting less crazy because I do those things less often now.

  60. I dye my hair to cover up the gray, which there is a lot of.

  61. FRIENDS is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

  62. I threw a book away in Italy because I couldn't stand the thought of leaving it around for someone else to read, I thought it was so bad.

  63. If I think about it too long, I still feel bad about throwing away that book.

  64. I love cookie cake!

  65. I have one every year on my birthday.

  66. I refuse to wear clothes with the brand name or logo on them.

  67. I can't whistle.

  68. A co-worker made my cry.

  69. I love taking exercise classes at the gym.

  70. I don't like to talk on the phone.

  71. In high school, I had long hair that went down to my elbows.

  72. The first car I drove was a baby blue VW Beetle.

  73. I believe everyone should know how to drive a standard.

  74. I think President Bush is an idiot.

  75. I love cheesecake.

  76. I stopped wearing makeup in middle school and just wore it for special occasions until last Saturday when I became a full-time makeup wearer.

  77. Almost nobody noticed, which I take as a compliment.

  78. I haven't run since Thanksgiving 2006 due to a foot problem.

  79. My knees pop every time I bend them.

  80. I was a counselor for ACU Leadership Camps.

  81. My favorite season is Fall.

  82. I love the snow!

  83. I walk to work, or at least try to. I've had so many off-campus meetings lately I haven't been able to.

  84. If I had an opportunity to move back to Europe and work, I would do it in a heartbeat.

  85. I don't have a land line, just a cell phone.

  86. My birthday is during spring break, so I only remember going to school or working on my birthday once.

  87. I had a solo in a musical in elementary school.

  88. I'm addicted to Chapstick. I always buy Chapstick Medicated and take the wrapper off so it's a brand-less white tube. If the clothes I'm wearing have pockets, I keep my Chapstick there, otherwise I keep it in my purse. I have a to-go Chapstick attached to the outside of my purse. When I travel, I have those two Chapsticks, plus at least two backups. I also keep a Chapstick in a drawer at work.

  89. I love to sing along to music when I'm in the car or washing dishes.

  90. Diet Dr. Pepper is my soda of choice.

  91. I wish I could dance.

  92. A 31-year-old divorced bus driver asked me out. I said yes before I said no. I'm cruel, but not intentionally.

  93. I love scary movies, but rarely watch them.

  94. My bedroom is red, white and black with the walls painted red.

  95. I like High School Musical.

  96. The last movie I saw in theaters was Hairspray.

  97. The next movie I plan on seeing is Bourne Ultimatum.

  98. My dad always gives me candy for Valentine's Day, even if he has to mail it.

  99. I wish my drive to work was longer than one minute so I could list to Kidd Kraddick more.

  100. This was fun, but harder than I thought.
If you read this, I tag you to do it.


Melanie said...

What's wrong with your foot? I have some foot issues with running of my own.

Christina said...

I hate to point this out but chapstick does not count as make-up! :) I can only say this becuase if I were to do the list of 100 things I would have to include that I collected lipsticks in highschool and had about 30 of them. Everytime I went to the store I would but another shade and truly belived each one totally changed my look! :)