Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday Night Lights

It's plug time. Season 1 of Friday Night Lights comes out on DVD Tuesday and I encourage you all to buy it. Why not rent it? Well, it's five discs, so at $4 a disc, it's $20 to rent the season. You can buy it at Best Buy, Target and Circuit City for $19.99. NBC is so sure you'll love it, they are offering a money-back guarantee. So if you buy it, and don't like it, take it back and get your $20 back. And the camera work is less shaky and chaotic after the pilot, so don't let that discourage you.

Friday Night Lights is one of the most realistic shows on television and the acting is incredible. Any time Connie Britton is on screen, I'm blown away. It's ridiculous that she wasn't nominated for an Emmy. NBC made the decision to bring this quality show back for a second season even though the ratings argued against that decision. So support NBC's decision to support quality TV programming by supporting Friday Night Lights. :-) I watched the entire first season online on my laptop in one weekend, that's how good it was. Once I started watching it, I couldn't stop. And the show is about the people that play football and their community, not about football. It's relationship drama and probably the best depiction on television right now.

So go out and buy Friday Night Lights on Tuesday!

In case you aren't aware, the US Open tennis tournament started today on USA. Both Williams sisters play this evening after a tribute to Althea Gibson, the first African American to win a Gland Slam title. Both Serena and Venus were the first African American women to win the US Open and Wimbledon since Althea, respectively. Go Williams sisters! I'm hoping Venus wins it all. If that happened, it would be the third time she won Wimbledon and the US Open in the same year. The draw is stacked against her though. I know most of you don't care about tennis, but I'm excited. My TiVo will be working overtime the next two weeks.

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