Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shoes and Tennis

I had a new experience today. I spent $85 on a pair of black dress shoes. I don't think I've ever spent more than $30. The tendinitis in my foot bothered me all week, even though I didn't exercise. I would switch to flip-flops about an hour into the work day because my shoes were hurting my foot. So I decided to buy comfortable, supportive shoes and accept the cost shock. I love the pair I bought - Nurture from Dillards - but the heel is designed for support and comfort, not style, so I might splurge and buy another pair of $80 shoes from the Naturalizer with a more traditional heel, to wear when I want to look a little more professional. And the shoes I bought have a lower heel, so all my dress pants would have to be hemmed to wear with my new shoes. I did buy a pair of brown shoes for $30, so I didn't go crazy. But I had a hard time telling the sales lady at Dillards I would take the $85 shoes. I can talk myself OUT of buying anything, but I didn't give myself time to do that. All I have to say is that these shoes better last me a long time (and not hurt my feet.)

Does anyone else have a problem buying expensive shoes? Has anyone found a better priced comfy shoe they want to tell me about? It's never too late to return my expensive purchase.

Be sure and catch some US Open tennis on CBS and USA this weekend. Sharapova has already lost (she was the defending Champion) and things are about to get very interesting on the women's side. What most would consider championship match-ups start happening in the fourth round. OH MY. Federer just lost the first set against John Isner, the tall, hard-serving 22 year-old American.


Elisa said...

I hate deciding on an expensive pair of shoes. It feels like such a commitment since you can't return them by the time you've worn them enough to actually know if they feel good. In the long run, if you can find a good pair, I certainly think the expense is worth it. Your feet have to feel good for the rest of you to feel good.

Hope you had fun watching tennis this weekend.

Wendy said...

I'm about to join you. I've always been a Payless girl, but lately my feet have not been happy with that decision. I don't know. We'll have to see. Let me know how your venture into expensive shoes goes.

Wendy said...

I bought a pair of black heels at Steinmart this week. The brand is What's What, which is by Aerosoles. They were very cute, and they are much more padded than other shoes I've worn (basically Payless and Target). Wore them today and walked across campus a couple times and so far so good. I'll keep you posted.

Wendy said...

Oh, and they were only $39.99!

Jamie said...

I looked at Steinmart, but I'll check again. I wore heels yesterday, and my foot rebelled. The position of elevating my heel, putting pressure on the top of my foot, appears to aggravate my tendon.

The Nurture Cinnamon shoes I bought are great, definitely worth the price. I think I'll be returning the Naturalizer heels I bought.