Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Tuesdays

''I am totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks!'' - Marion Cotillard to the press corps backstage after her win for Best Actress at the Oscars. How can you not be happy for her after reading that?

I haven't had caffeine since Feb. 6, and I sure am sleeping better at night. My next step is to stop drinking carbonation all together. Sprite Zero and Diet A&W are my friends right now.

Have you ever made pesto from scratch? It's surprisingly easy and cheap. I'm trying out a cilantro pesto tonight.

I've added a new role to my job. I will be managing the camp my company owns and operates in New Mexico. So from May 27-Aug. 8 (ish) I will be living in the mountains of New Mexico working with counselors and camp directors. This new position also pays! I will be doing this in addition to my other duties, including taking alumni to Canada in July and my work with the United Way. Summer camp was important to my spiritual development, so I'm happy to do my part to make sure other teens having a good camp experience. If you are looking for a place to send fourth graders - high school grads this summer for a week, I can help you out! You can come with them and visit me!


Elisa said...

Yes, it is on DVD. Even though I said it was new, I just looked on Netflix, and it came out in 2006. Ruth Wilson is the name of the actress. Tell me what you think if you see it.

I also have great summer camp memories. I'm glad that you're getting add something that you enjoy to your job description. Sounds like you'll be mighty busy this summer!

ABL said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pesto but I can't believe it is that easy from scratch. I'm pretty severly handicapped in the cooking department, though. Maybe I'll give it a whirl...can you post the recipe?

Wendy said...

What camp will you be at? Wow, you'll be gone forever! Do you live by yourself?