Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Five

  1. Political Rant of the Week: The Presidential Debate. I don't know how many times McCain said "I don't think Obama understands..." during the debate, but every time he said it, he made me angry. If you listen to Obama, he's obviously educated and knowledgeable, even if you disagree with his policies. He also called Obama or his policies naive several times. Piggybacking on my rant about sexism and politics two weeks ago, can you imagine the response if Biden had said either of those things about Palin? Uproar. If it's OK for McCain, it's OK for Biden; if it's unacceptable for Biden, it's unacceptable for McCain. The same standard should apply. (I wrote this BEFORE the VP debate.)

  2. Blog Discovery of the Week: Foreign Policy Passport. If you are interested in affairs outside the United States, check out this blog by Foreign Policy Magazine. I just started subscribing toit, but I already like it. When I was living abroad, I continued my subscription to Newsweek, and I received the English-language international edition. I like it better because it includes major stories and issues in the United States, but doesn't leave out the rest of the world. Unfortunately, it feels like you have to seek out that international perspective more here in the States than you do elsewhere. And I seek it out. I enjoy the "Morning Brief" post that provides an overview of the top news stories here and abroad. Check it out.

  3. Embarrassing Moment of the Week: Crying at TV shows. Most people that watch TV and find themselves emotionally invested in a show or fictional characters have probably experienced this before. My embarrassment doesn't come from the act of crying but from the TV show that brought me to tears. The O.C. Yep. I'd always heard that the show was good, at least in the beginning, but never checked in out. Then I found out that Warner Brothers was launching to stream episodes of their shows. I figured I'd try the show because it wouldn't cost me money. Last night I watched the season one finale and cried. So much pain and separation. I'm still surprised at my reaction.

  4. I'm Art Walking Friday night, Racing for the Cure Saturday morning and dying of happiness at my first ever Dallas Cowboys football game at Texas Stadium Sunday afternoon.

  5. I'm out of things to write about.


Alexis said...

Thanks for the link to Foreign Policy Passport! It's true, in the US you have to look harder for coverage of current events happening abroad. (I say this as if I'm some sort of expert. I'm not.) I've been subscribing to various RSS feeds from around the world for several months now out of sheer frustration of the lack of coverage here, and I always like to look for new sources of info.

It's sad. I've pretty much given up watching broadcast news since it has become increasingly apparent that the scope of what they cover is so narrow. And it irks me more than just a bit that America's worldview is so self-centered. I haven't decided if Americans just don't care about the rest of the world, or if mainstream media just thinks Americans don't care. It's probably a combination of both.

Alexis said...

Sorry about this. I did not intend to double-post.

About crying during TV shows. I hate it when it happens to me, and it is usually over the stupidest things. Luckily it doesn't happen often, and when it does happen I know I'm completely being manipulated. I never used to cry at movies or TV shows no matter how good or heart wrenching. I think marriage has changed all my hormone levels. Whenever I cry at stupid things I accuse my husband of turning me into an emotional softy. This usually results in me getting a hug, a kiss, and a few kind words. (Hmmm, maybe I've learned a thing or two about manipulation.)

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. Have fun at the game!