Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Five

  1. I've seen all 10 nominees for Best Picture. Finally. I'm partial to the Hurt Locker. Rent it today. It's a thriller about disarming bombs. Don't skip it just because you think it's a "war movie." It's not. Tthe war in Afghanistan is the setting. And it has great cinematography. And it's a directed by a female, the front runner to win and become the first woman best director winner.

  2. It feels like ages ago that we had snow, doesn't it? I didn't go into work Thursday or Friday. On Thursday, I walked a mile or so to eat lunch because I didn't have groceries. I knew the roads weren't bad, but I love the snow, so why not? Here are a few pictures from my journey. (I took them with my new phone; it has a zoom!)

    I love the hay barrels in this photo. This is in a field behind my apartment complex.

    The resort-style pool at my apartment. Loved the juxtaposition in this photo. Palm trees covered in snow.The road I walked from my apartment to Chick-fil-A.

  3. On Friday, I went a little stir crazy. I got out in the afternoon and drove to the mall to see a movie. Poorly chose "Valentine's Day." Do not waste your time or your money. Skip it and put "Love, Actually" in your DVD player. You will thank me.

  4. Saw the Greencards in concert last Wednesday and Zane Williams (!) two days ago. I haven't seen Zane since college. He sounded good, but the venue was awful. Horrible acoustics. Want to see him again when I can really hear what he is singing.

  5. Going to see a documentary film festival this Saturday in Denton. If that interests you and you want to tag along, let me know. We are going to see three Oscar-nominated docs, including the "Cove." So if you are anti-dolphin slaughter, this is the movie for you.


ABL said...

Love that you walked to ChickFilA in the snow. Great pictures...I'm so impressed they are from your phone.

Wendy said...

Can't believe you walked nearly a mile in the snow! Impressive! And, it will be a great story to tell when you are old..."Back in my day, when I didn't have groceries, I walked a mile in the snow..." Was it uphill both ways? That's the only thing that would make the story better. :)