Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five

  1. I'm participating in my first half marathon on Saturday. Due to injury and the realization that I don't enjoy the run-walk program I was doing, I'm not trained. Neither is Joe. So we'll suffer together. I actually like running, which is why I decided to sign up for the half in the first place. But I don't like running with walk breaks, which is how I was training. So I lost my motivation to wake up early in the morning and train. Maybe I'll try again. Maybe I'll give up running. Maybe I'll give in and see a specialist about my foot. We'll see.

  2. LOST Theory of the Week from Televisionary:
    "My current (and possibly off-the-wall theory) is that the flashbacks we've seen over the years were in fact the moments that were seen by Jacob at the looking-glass. I've long wondered if Jacob either exists outside the boundaries of time and space (thus able to manifest as both his past incarnation--the bloodied teenage boy--and his ghostly adult self and appear off- and on-island) or is able to perceive the world through the veil of time, perhaps aided by the looking-glass. Just as Smokey was able to scan the castaways upon coming upon them (as seen when he "reads" Mr. Eko way back when), Jacob is perhaps able to watch these key moments unfold. Which would therefore make the flashbacks not only key plot points but also integral to the larger narrative, giving us an plot-based explanation for why they exist within the series and making Jacob not just a player in the larger game but also one of us as well: a viewer, privy to these characters' pasts in a way that only an omniscient narrator can be."

  3. I'm enjoying my life without caffeine and sodas. Because I'd been drinking caffeine-free Diet Coke or Diet DP when I had the opportunity, I didn't experience caffeine withdraw. I am enjoying sleeping better, except when the stress of my job keeps me awake, like it did one night this week.

  4. As much as I love the Olympics, I'm starting to tire of them. At the same time, I just sat on the edge of my couch watching the results of the Nordic Combined. But that is because I love sports in general. I do not love NBC's time-delayed coverage, which is senseless from Games in the same continent and with results posted on the internet before before aired on NBC.

  5. So haven't been reading lately. It's been Olympics and movies all the time. I still haven't finished the Andre Agassi autobiography I started in December. I devour books, so if I take a break, I don't usually finish. But I want to finish. Have to make myself.

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Wendy said...

I am a Lost fan but that Lost theory completely lost me. Haha, no, seriously. I was clueless by the second sentence. Maybe it's because it's 3:15am right now. :-)