Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Five: Weekend

This is what I'm doing this weekend.

  1. Attend/work a Sing Song-like performance Friday at noon.
  2. Attend/work a Sing Song-like performance Friday evening.
  3. Got to TGI Friday's, a tradition after these Sing Song-like performances.
  4. Attend/work a Sing Song-like performance Saturday afternoon.
  5. Attend/work a Sing Song-like performance Saturday evening.
A little redundant don't you think?

I learned some interesting stuff about the postal system in my area. I don't live in a sprawling metropolis, but I don't live in a city with only one traffic light either. In fact, I live in one of the larger cities in my region. I just recently moved, within the same zip code and about five blocks away, or two traffic lights. I found out yesterday that when, say, my Texas Monthly magazine arrives with my previous address on it magazines take 3-4 months to change your address), it it shipped to the nearest distribution center in Fort Worth to be labeled with my forwarding address and then mailed to me. Crazy! I also found out that if I put a letter in the mail to a friend in the same city as me on the weekend, it it shipped to Amarillo and mailed from there. Do we live in the dark ages of the United States Post Office? This can't be the most efficient way to do business.

In other news, last night I ate homemade ice cream outside in the cold evening air and listened to a band play "I Like Sex and Candy" at a student event at a christian university. The Dean and I were walking away when that song came on, and we just kept walking. Quite a different response than our friends at Harding experienced recently. My campus is abuzz with that story. The admissions office received a call from a mother specifically asking about dancing policy.

Have a good weekend.

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hejlyeah said...

Oh my. I knew nothing about that Harding incident. So interesting!