Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Five

Against all evidence to the contrary, I will continue updating my blog at least once a week, believing a few people out there actually care about me. :-)
  1. Prayer is powerful and effective. A student where I work was diagnosed with a brain tumor, apparently the most severe case you can have. It's been amazing to see the community where I work and the entire Christian community petition God to heal him. He went to Plano for treatment, and more than 100 people from here have traveled there to support him and his family. His tumor-removal surgery was successful and he should be on his path to healing now. I don't know how people without a Christian community survive tragedy.

  2. My friends bought me an iPod Nano! Technically I'm paying for most by providing free babysitting four times, but I think that trade is in my favor. It's so pretty and small. I'm almost afraid to touch it. It has a color screen and plays video, things my outdated current iPod don't do. And I bet the battery will allow me to listen to music all day long at work, something my current iPod, even with a new battery, doesn't do.

  3. Tony Romo and Co. narrowly escaped defeat Monday night to set up a contest of unbeaten football teams Sunday against the New England Patriots. I always have faith in the Cowboys, but they will have to play perfect to win this game. Never doubt.

  4. I've been giving Pushing Daises, Private Practice and Dirty, Sexy Money a chance on Wednesday nights, but so far I don't love any of them. It's not like when I watched Ugly Betty for the first time last year, and laughed and cried in the pilot, and probably the next four episodes and was addicted. It's not like Friday Night Lights, where I started watching episodes online and couldn't stop, even with a laptop screen. It's not like the incredible 24, ALIAS and LOST pilots where I couldn't wait for next week and asked everyone I knew if they watched the same shows. I think I like Chuck best so far, but even though I enjoy it and think the character/actor Chuck is adorable, the show doesn't make me laugh out loud. Any thoughts?

  5. Don't forget to set your TiVo to record Friday Night Lights tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC. No excuses! I recommend the show even though I don't like the plot twist introduced in the season premier. But the show is so good, that storyline is no excuse not to watch the show.
Have a good weekend!

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Jaime said...

I love Friday Night Lights!!! I love it, love it, love it!! (I also could do without the aforementioned plot twist but I still love it!) I watched last week's episode online b/c Tivo was not on his best behavior and I can't wait for next week's!!!!!