Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Homecoming 2007

I had a great weekend in Abilene. Check out Rachel's blog if you want to see pictures from the weekend. Brent's fiance Jenny is adorable

We saw the Homecoming musical AIDA, and it was fantastic, like usual.

We ate at Sharon's BBQ, which serves the exact same food as Joe Allen's without the two-hour wait. That potato salad sure is yummy.

Rachel already mentioned this on her blog, but we want all the GATA pledges from 1998 to return to homecoming next year for our 10-year pledging anniversary. If you are a Preying Mantis, check out this new blog and get connected.

Jaime A. has finished nursing school and is blogging again. Catch up with her today!

Fall has officially arrived! We had our first freeze on Sunday night and it was so cold on the way to work in the morning. Refreshing! The leaves are even starting to change colors slightly.

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Monica said...

Thanks for the info Miss Jaime. I will check out the blog. I am glad you had fun at homecoming. I am excited about the thought of next year. I will plan on being there. I always love running into my pleges. What a fun time we had!!! It is by far one of my top college memories!! Congrats of finishing school.