Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Friday Five

  1. One part of my job I'm still adjusting to is the openness of strangers. You walk into a business, introduce yourself, and the stranger before you starts spilling personal details about a cancer diagnosis or recent loss. I don't always feel comfortable with the conversation, but I always enjoy telling them the many different ways the ACS can help them.

  2. I'm seeing the stage production of Sweeney Todd tonight. The trailers for the movie included the refrain, "I will have vengeance." And then I saw the movie. After that, I couldn't get that refrain out of my head! So if you see me in the next few weeks, expect that song to be in my head...and to pop out my mouth.

  3. Oscar (from the Office) speaking in a Southern accent = hilarious!

  4. I'm a little worried about my plan to run the half marathon in February. My tendinitis-afflicted foot has bothered me all week. And I'm only running three miles. Maybe this week is a fluke.

  5. Even though it sounds ridiculous, I've never successfully cooked with a crock pot (other than queso). I follow the recipe, the cooking directions, everything, but my food always burns. Last week I made chicken tacos! And I had enough leftover chicken to make Mexican stack and tortilla soup throughout the week. I did leave work early to make sure my food didn't burn.

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ABL said...

Ah yes, another great office moment. I loved that Michael said "I worked harder than I ever have today". Oh, and the double agent standoff. Classic.

Hope the foot improves. I know that can be frustrating!