Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Five

  1. I watched Twilight on DVD, but I saw New Moon on the big screen Sunday. Watching the movie in a theatre full of teen girls was an experience. The hoot & hollering that occurred when Jacob (Taylor Lautner) took of his shirt was worth the price of admission.

  2. Being the faithful Cowboys fan I am, I've always wanted to go to a Thanksgiving game. Even before I followed the Cowboys, our family always watched the Thanksgiving game. This year, due to my sister's work schedule, we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday, freeing up my Thursday. Eileen and I were finalizing our plans for the Dec. 13 game when I mentioned how much I wanted to go to the Thanksgiving game. Her family celebrated Thanksgiving last week, and she could come to the game. So she brought her son, Darren, to town, and the three of us went to the Thanksgiving Cowboys game. My last year in Lubbock, I watched almost every game with Eileen, and taught Darren how to cheer for Romo and do touchdown dances, so they were the perfect people to go to the game with. Eileen went with me to a Cowboys game the final season in Texas Stadium, so it was fitting that we went to a game together the Cowboys first season in Arlington's Cowboys Stadium.

  3. Participated in my first Turkey Trot. Because of the tendinitis in my foot, I haven't been in a race in more than a year. I miss racing, even though my goal is basic: to not finish last. The weather was great, if a bit cold at the beginning. I've been running with walk breaks to protect my foot but ran the entire Trot, and I loved it! I never get in a rhythm or groove when I train now because of all the walks breaks. So it felt great to do that for this race. I also loved the residents that watched and cheered from their front yards.

  4. Monday Night Football last some of its relevance when it moved from broadcast TV to basic cable. (I will spare you my rant about that.) But I still love to watch the intro with Hank Williams singing "Are you ready for some football?" It's a perfect fit!

  5. Can't wait for Christmas to get her. I'm taking off the week of Christmas - actually having Christmas on Monday - and the following week I'm going skiing in Colorado with Eileen, her family and some friends. Bring on the snow!


rdh97j said...

I didn't know you were a skier?! The Thanksgiving Cowboys game was a good one to go to, my family always watches it after we eat Thanksgiving dinner and this year was no exception. Glad you had fun!

Jamie said...

I'm not a super good skier. I always went on the youth group ski trip, and in Lubbock, I went several times with friends. I don't do it often enough to get much better. But I love it. I'm worried it's going to aggravate my foot this year.