Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five: It's Back

  1. Wow. I haven't blogged since March. Life definitely got busy around that time. Relay consumed me. I've worked every weekend since April and the past three weekends have been Relay events. Relay is from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. on Friday, so it took a lot out of me. But I think I've caught up on my sleep. Caffeine is keeping me up at night (that hasn't happened since March) and this morning I work up fully rested an hour before my alarm was set. And next week I start exercising again. I really think my strategy of not waking up before 8 a.m. sped up my recovery.

  2. Here are a few pictures from my last Relay. We had to move indoors because of inclement weather, but everyone still showed up. It was great! It would cross into the awesome category if I had achieved my income goal. (If anyone has a spare $50,000 they would like to donate to the American Cancer Society, you can be my BFF.)

  3. I did see Patty Griffin in concert in April (?). She was awesome! She closed with "Up to the Mountain," my favorite song. Ready to see Indina Menzel at the Symphony next month.

  4. Despite all my night meetings, I have managed to keep up with all the TV shows I watch. Random thoughts. Cannot believe LOST is ending on Sunday. It's the end of an era! So not in to the Office this year. Haven't watched the last three episodes, including the finale. I don't think I like the new Doctor (Who). Something about this character is unlikeable, which I never felt about David Tennant's Doctor. Loving Party Down this season. And loving that you can stream it free on Netflix. Still bothered by the recorded musical numbers in GLEE because background noises - clapping, stomping, cast reactions - aren't included and take away from the authenticity of the performances. That said, the Madonna episode was awesome, as was NPH and the entire "Dream On" episode. Joss Whedon is a TV god.

  5. Haven't been reading. Anyone have any recommendations for me?

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