Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Five

  1. I grew accustomed to not blogging over the last two months, and I forgot to blog last week. Oops. I don't have much life news to share.

  2. Our office was closed Friday and Monday for Memorial Day weekend. Awesome. I didn't have many plans, and that is how I wanted it. After eight straight working weekends and three Relay weekends in a row, it was great to do nothing. The weekend also announced that summer is officially here. Janie and I played tennis and barely lasted 30 minutes. Too hot. So we've moved our weekly game from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening.

  3. Love this photo! Love that the Maldives government held an underwater cabinet meeting to draw attention to the dangers of global warming. Talk about creativity.

  4. The French Open started two weeks ago, and my fave player - Rafael Nadal - is expected to advance to the final and win his fifth Roland Garros title. Yay! Catch some tennis this weekend on NBC. Neither female finalist has ever played in a Grand Slam final, so expect some shaky, nervous tennis.

  5. I need some reading suggestions. If you've read a good book lately, put it in the comments. I devoured the final Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) book over the weekend. Ready for something new.

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