Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Five

  1. Spent the Fourth of July weekend with Rachel, Joe and Zeke. Did the same thing in 2009, so it must be a new tradition. I love that even though we both live in the Metroplex, I pack an overnight bag and stay over all weekend. It's like going out of town.

  2. I'm rereading the Harry Potter books, and man, is Goblet of Fire dark and devastating. And knowing what comes next in Order of the Phoenix, Rowling planted the seeds for that oppressive atmosphere perfectly with inaccurate Potter stories in the paper and Ministry staff troubles.

  3. I'm watching the Community marathon on NBC. I love this ridiculously goofy show! The episode "Modern Warfare" was one of the best episodes of TV all season, and "Physical Education" (THE pool game) is still funny. And the college mascot is the Human Being.

  4. Who is enjoying the break in the heat? Saw fireworks last Saturday night and could have used a light jacket. Love it!

  5. Not much else going on. To be honest, I love being lazy on my work-free weeknights. I'm flying through books and catching up on TV shows. And cooking dinner.

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