Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here I am in Europe

So I'm blogging in Germany. Keys are in odd places, and I'm in a hurry, so if there are typos, that is why.

So far we've toured Munich city and Dachau, the nearby concentration camp. Today we visit two castles, including the one that inspired Disney. I am very excited. Our hotel is right across from the train station and across the alley from Wombats hostel, to give a few of you an idea of location. Oh, and it doesn't have AC. Fun times. Luckily the group is positive and realize this is normal over here, and it is not normally 90 degrees. But it is not comfortable, and they joke about it a lot.

One person's luggage did not arrive, but it came on the next plane from France, and the airline delivered it to the hotel. On all the trips I've taken for work, that is the first time we've had a luggage issue.

Last night we ate at the famous beer garden, which I will not attempt to spell. Even though I was on a school sponsored trip, I ordered a beer. You can't have a Coke at Germany's most famous beer garden!! I ordered one with lemonade in it to make it more acceptable. It was one liter! Huge! No USB hook up at this Internet Cafe. We watched cheesy, tourist entertainment at beer hall, but it was fun. I took some video of the pair playing the cow bells.

It's been sunny and clear here. So much for the rain I saw on the forecast before we got here.

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janie said...

Glad it didn't rain! I've heard that Disney castle is beautiful - can't wait to see pictures! Good call on the beer:)