Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Does it drive anyone else crazy when you hear a popular song on the radio with bad grammar? The new Nelly Furtado song came on - "Say it Right" - and when it got to the chorus, I just rolled my eyes. This is why:
Oh you don't mean nothing at all to me
No you don't mean nothing at all to me
Do you got what it takes to set me free

It's much harder to notice bad grammar in music because we don't give the lyrics our full attention.
But it's out there and people sing along and then repeat the grammar mistake in their own
conversations. I don't want to hear any more double negatives in conversation than I have to.

On a different subject, I read the book Bridge to
Terabithia last night. This was one of my favorite
books in elementary school. I think I read it in fifth grade, but I'm not really sure. We read it
out loud as a class. I generally borrow books from the library, but
occasionally I'll decide a book is
worth a purchase. Books you loved as a child belong in that category. Outside of school, I think my
favorite book was The Girl with the Silver Eyes. Anyone else read that as a child. I need to own
that book. I read it again in high school when my senior English teacher suggested I discover why
I loved it so much. The main character was different from her peers and never fully belonged. She
had silver eyes and paranormal abilities. In the end she finds out there are people like her and she
finally feels like she belongs. I was always a shy kid and could relate to not fitting in with the masses.

What books did you love as a kid and why?

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Elisa said...

On select songs that really drives me crazy. There is an old Kenny Rogers love song that I happen to think is really pretty, but in it he keeps repeating: "I can't remember when . . . I didn't care for anyone but you." And that does bug me. It's really confusing, and I get the feeling he is secretly insulting the person he is singing to. But I think you're right that we don't pay that much attention to lyrics usually. Most of the time I don't think about it.

I also like Bridge to Terabithia. I loved Little Women because of the relationship with sisters, the love stories, and I've always kind of romanticized the idea of life in the past. I liked The Little Farmer Boy (but strangely not any of the other Little House books) for the same reason. I liked Babysitters Club books just because they were SO COOL. I remember trying to decide which of the girls was most like me. I also remember going through a phase of death and sickness books with clever titles like Six Months to Live, What's Wrong with Daddy?, etc. (Who knows why?) And a phase of Fear Street books that I now think I'd try to censor from my (hypothetical) children, which I think is kind of funny.