Friday, December 25, 2009

A White Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
The holidays were weird this year. My family celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday, and on Thanksgiving day, I went to a Cowboys game with Eileen. For Christmas, my family celebrated on Monday. On Tuesday my sister and her husband went to spend Christmas with his family, and on Wednesday my parents drove to Phoenix to visit my Dad's brother and his kids. So today, on Christmas Eve, my aunt and I went to see a movie, and then she came over for dinner and a movie. I made Christmas fettuccine (with alfredo pesto, shrimp and veggies) and then we watched The Holiday, where they eat Christmas fettuccine. And then we took these pictures. It snowed all day Christmas Eve! The day prior I wore a short sleeves.
My car covered in snow!

My and my aunt.

Who says we can't have a White Christmas in Texas?

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