Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Five

  1. Recently discovered a fun Canadian TV show called "Being Erica." It's about a 30ish woman with career, romantic and family drama. A "therapist" finds her after an accident and helps her take charge of her life my sending her back in time to fix her mistakes. Time travel dramedy. Sounds kind of cheesy, but it's not. Erica - and the actress that plays her - is awesome! She's not perfect, but she's strong and likable. Give it a try on Hulu.

  2. The Oscars came and wen,t and the Hurt Locker prevailed. I've written about this excellent film before, so now that it's won the Oscar for best picture and director, will you see it? I knew Sandra Bullock was going to win, and even though I don't feel it's deserved, she gave the best acceptance speech I've heard in years. Funny, heartfelt and authentic. Makes the win more bearable. I was 18/24 with my Oscar predictions. Not bad. How about you?

  3. Going skiing this weekend! Yippee. Just New Mexico this time, so the trip is shorter. Foot still bothering me, but I think it will hold up.

  4. The second week of the month is my busiest because I work regular hours and also Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. And this week also included a Wednesday evening meeting. Until Wednesday afternoon, when my Wednesday meeting was canceled. It's amazing how much joy I felt in that cancellation. When I'm in Relay mode, I almost don't think twice about scheduling meetings at night or on the weekends (I have Saturday morning and Friday evening appointments in the next month.) I always look forward to the slow summer. Which is the complete opposite of my job in Lubbock.

  5. Maybe I'll pick up a book on my ski trip, which I haven't done since the last time i went skiing. In December. Crazy. I know. It's March!

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