Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

  1. College Humor does a nice job making fun of several of the Oscar-nominated movies in this collection of posters. Check it out.

    Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2010 on CollegeHumor

  2. Had a great time skiing last weekend. Trip was cut short by a winter storm expected to bring 18 inches of snow overnight. We decided to not stick around for that. I love skiing. Want to do more of it.

  3. Finally, in the eleventh week of 2010, I read my first two weeks of the year. Can't believe it took me so long. One I started the final week of 2009. So I turned that into a streak and made a trip to the library. Here's hoping the reading continues.

  4. In honor of Kathryn Bigelow's success at the Oscars, I'm watching all her previous films. Through this process I have voluntarily subjected myself to a Keanu Reeves film. I had no idea he starred in a movie with Patrick Swayze. Kathryn creates suspense well and frames scenes well.

  5. Micheal and Darryl simultaneously saying, "That's what she said" = AWESOME!

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