Thursday, August 31, 2006

Amazing Andre

Sorry, but I love tennis, so you'll just have to accept an occasional tennis post during the next two weeks. I confidently predicted that Agassi would lose his second-round match against Baghdatis, the No. 8 seed. I watched Baghdatis play in the Australian Open Final against Federer and the Wimbledon Semifinal against Nadal, and he was good, very good.

I'm obviously rooting for Agassi (up to a point - remember my crush on Nadal) but I like this player and expected an entertaining and competitive match. Baghdatis didn't start playing good, consistent tennis until the third set. Agassi won the first two sets, but Baghdatis came roaring back to win the third and fourth sets and force a decisive fifth set.

Baghdatis started cramping at 4-4 in the fifth set. You can't receive treatment mid-game, so he just had to limp it out. It kind of freaked Agassi out, so he almost won the game despite his lack of movement.

A few games later Agassi won in five sets (I was wrong.) Thrilling. I'm sad an injury had to play such a big part. But conditioning is part of sport. Can you believe the 36-year-old with a bad back outfitnessed the 21-year-old?

Staying up late to watch an intense, how-will-it-end sporting event definitely makes me happy. How can anyone not love sports? Especially in a match like this, when the standard of play is so high you find yourself rooting for both players and feeling like the match itself transcends the outcome.

In other news...
No. 2 Nadal won and advanced to the third round. He's never won a third round match at the Open, but I predict a victory Saturday. Rafael Nadal will see the fourth round in 2006. Vamos Rafa!

The most accurate kicker in NFL history missed TWO (2!) game-winning field goals in OT. He's missed as many field goals in this game as he missed the entire 2005 season! So the Cowboys went 3-0-1 in the preseaon.

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