Thursday, August 17, 2006

Opinion Poll

I need your opinion. If you received information in the mail about a trip to New York and London (or New York and Paris) what would your reaction be?

  1. How cool! I've never been to either city (or I love both) and seeing them together sounds totally awesome! Sign me up!
  2. Interesting. I never thought about partnering those cities, but it sounds like a good match. Send me more information.
  3. I would go on a trip to New York City, but when you add international airfare and the awful exchange rate between the Pound and the Dollar, I can't make it happen. Or take that much time off work.
  4. All I care about is Europe. Why bother with the States. Count me out.
Thanks for your input!


Elisa said...

I'd say 2 with the expectation that I'd eventually say 4. I think that if I were taking a big trip I'd want to focus more on one area, and for people like me who have never been overseas, it seems like there would be plenty to see in London and the rest of England. If I were to add another big city I think I'd want it to be in Europe.

Wendy said...

#3 is the closes to my reaction. I would think that about most trips at this point.