Sunday, August 13, 2006

iPod Therefore I Am

I'm pretty sure I stole that from somewhere, but I can't remember exactly where.

As many of you know, I'm addicted to my iPod. And tomorrow I put it in a box and ship it to Apple for repairs. I have no idea how long it will be gone. I'm not sure how to cope with this.

I have one of the older generation iPods with the notoriously bad battery. My iPod is lasting 2.5 hours, max, before the battery goes out. As a result, I'm included in some lawsuit requiring Apple to replace my battery. I will relish an iPod that doesn't shut off mid-song around 10:30 in the morning at work, but I'm not sure how I am going to make it through the day without it.

I listen to my iPod all day at work, with the help of a Battery Backup, just about every time I get in the car, and at home when I wash the dishes, clean house, cook and do just about anything that doesn't involve the TV. I don't even have a stereo, only my iPod.

So, please join me in prayer to the Apple gods and ask them to return my iPod as quickly as possible. And then one day, I will turn my iPod on at 8 a.m., and it will play continuously until 5 p.m. Nonstop music all day at work. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

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Elisa said...

Have you tried It's not that great, actually, but I end up listening to it at work sometimes, and it might help you pass the time at work until you get your ipod back. It has fewer interruptions than a radio station at least.

And that bones church freaks me out. Honestly, I think I might get a little sick by being in there. Wow!