Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I've added pictures to some of my previous posts, so go check them out. I'll write more about Prague later.

Is there an easier and more efficient way to post pictures, blogger world? It always inserts them at the top of the page, and doesn't naturally include an extra line for text. I couldn't insert a caption after each picture because when I tried, it would sometimes delete a picture or do nothing.

Book Review

I read the Christopher Moore book on the flight from Paris to Houston. It was enjoyable, but not near as good as Lamb. The main character was from Texas, and he was employed by Mary Jean, or Mary Kay as we like to call her in Texas. I also listed to Ya-Yas in Bloom on the road. I think the previous Wells' novels were better. There were sections when I realized I had drifted off (from listening not driving) and wanted her to get back to the story and let go of the character. I guess character develpment isn't interesting when you are driving. And I've read the previous two books, so I was well versed on who was who in the Ya-Ya-verse.

I didn't read at all on the flight from Houston to Paris. Night flights to Europe are definitely the way to go. Especially if they are nowhere close to capacity like ours. I got a middle section of three seats all to myself. Perfect for laying down and sleeping. The flight back was crowded and daylight the entire flight. I watched two movies (Inside Man and V for Vendetta) and read the Moore book.


I have Heavenly Creatures (directed by Peter Jackson and Kate Winslet's film debut), The Killing Fields and No Man's Land at home to watch. Anyone have any comments about these movies?


janie said...

Which C Moore book was that? I finished Practical Demonkeeping (eh) and Bloodsucking Fiends, which is the one about the girl who accidentally gets turned into a vampire. That one actually made me laugh out loud like Lamb did (but wasn't as good). PD was whimsical but not funny. At least not the laugh-out-loud kind. I'm in the middle of Ya-Yas in Bloom. We never heard much about the other siblings. I think if you read it the character dev. would have been better, you're right.

Jamie said...

Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Moore. I also read it on a plane, so my concentration might not have been great. I'll have to try Bloodsucking Friends.