Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reality TV, here I come

I don't watch any reality TV, not any. But I just learned that my favorite Cowboy will be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. So every Tuesday at 7 p.m. I will watch Emmitt Smith make a fool of himself. Really, does he think he's Jerry Rice? Or at least I'll TiVo it, assuming I ever get my TiVo set up. They really don't make those things for people that only have wireless internet.

Sara Evans will also be dancing, for you country-music lovers out there.

Hopefully Emmitt won't last long so I can once again say, "I don't watch Reality TV."

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The Best Family said...

Hey Jamie!! Thanks for leaving a comment one my blog o' many children!! How fun to find you thru this blog world where we discover how we are all connected! Looks like you have been doing some awesome travelling... I am jealous!! And you look so good and so happy! I will look forward to reading up on you thru your blog! Take care!
ps-- I must admit that I am so addicted to reality tv, and also to my tivo... it is awesome with kids... watch what I want when I want (when they are sleeping, etc)... and in half the time! You have got to get yours hooked up!