Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I met one of my neighbors last week. I see him sometimes, coming and going, but we've never spoken beyond the casual greeting. I always see him talking to my other neighbors, but he's never talked to me. So one day I'm walking from my car, and he asks me if I went to ACU. Turns out he went to ACU, as did most of his family. I've had the "Abilene Christian Alumni" sticker on my car the entire time I've lived here. He's doing most of the talking, and I get the impression he is kind of a lonely guy. Nice, but lonely. I get back from Homecoming, and there is a yellow Post-it note on my car from him. He wrote:

Jamie, Hi. Wanted to see how you were doing. Didn't want to ring the door bell and disturb you. Sorry I don't know your telephone number, but you are welcome to call me at xxx-xxxx. Thanks. Signed his full name.

Should I be concerned by this development? Or I am paranoid and this is normal apartment neighbor behavior? It kind of creeps me out. I might be less concerned if I had a roommate or a husband, but I live alone, so I'm a little more guarded.

Thoughts, anyone?


I'm off work Thursday and Friday. Yea for Fall Break! I'm going outlet shopping in Allen! I'm (hopefully) having a Girls' Night! I'm going to the State Fair!

Enjoy your weekend!


Elisa said...

You stinker! Now I'm extra jealous because you have two days off. Please eat some funnel cake for me. It's my favorite.

I think that you should trust your instincts, and if this person makes you feel uncomfortable, do not contact him and keep your interactions with him as brief as possible. If you feel really creeped out, don't stop to let him talk to you or anything like that. I would suspect that he is probably safe and just unsure about how to reach out for friendship. But, I also think that you need to feel safe in your own home, and because of that need, you may not be able to provide the friendship he needs. God needs to provide someone else to fill that role. At least that is my initial reaction.

Jaime said...

I say ditto. Elisa is a very smart girl!!

Melanie said...

I agree with Elisa (of course.) We women are often accused of being "paranoid," but I always encourage girls to listen to that little voice that says something is a little creepy- I think it's there for a reason. And, yes, odds are he is just happy to have met you, but your boundaries are important for you to feel secure.

Rachel C said...

I completely agree with Elisa. He is probably looking for someone to be his friend, but he doesn't know how to go about doing it. If you get the wrong kind of vibe about him, there is nothing wrong with saying hello in passing, and eventually he will get the hint.

Christina said...

I too am a believer in a woman's ability to pick up a weird vibe on a guy, like a little internal creepy detector that measures the creepiness of males. I'd hope that his intentions are pure and maybe his a great guy- you did say ACU almu right? I wonder if he's kinda aware of the female paranoia and that's why he left a note on your car in the first place- seems less intrusive than coming to your door. But, I still say trust your instincts!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the advice. I failed to mention this guy is in his 40s, which increases the creepiness factor. Most of your probably assumed this guy was my age. He attended ACU but didn't graduate from there.

Christina said...

Yikes- yeah you didn't mention that! Definitely increases the creepy factor!