Monday, October 16, 2006


It was great to be back at ACU for our five-year reunion. I can't believe we've been out of school for five years! Like usual, I didn't take nearly enough pictures.

I was amazed by the improvements on campus. I'm jealous of the library the students get to enjoy now. And the jogging track around campus is perfect. But the best addition to the campus has to be Jack Maxwell's Jacob's Ladder sculpture. I just wanted to keep looking at it. I wish it was more visible from the road, but it is worth visiting campus to see.

I liked the laid-back nature of our reunion dinner. It makes me laugh that not enough people submitted pictures from our college years to make a slide show. It was fun getting to visit people I haven't seen since graduation or haven't kept in touch with well enough. With the popularity of blogs, it felt like I knew everything about everybody all ready. Most people looked the same. Five years isn't much time for a lot of change to take place.

GATA Breakfast was fun. Our pledge class always seems to laugh at inappropriate times during breakfast. Or maybe the other tables just aren't having as much fun as they should be. I love circling up and singing GATA songs at breakfast. And I love that our club has a tradition of singing around the GATA Fountain after Homecoming Chapel. It's so much fun! The purple water was a nice touch. Remember, 2008 is the year we will have our 10-year pledge class reunion. Spread the word!

I mentioned blog reading in a previous paragraph, but I wanted to bring it up again. Allison mentioned how she reads several blogs she wasn't "invited" to read, and I do the same. I think all of us do. I know I never feel like I'm allowed to comment on the blogs I silently read, even though I'm sure the author wouldn't mind because I wouldn't mind reading comments from someone who found my blog through a friend of a friend of a friend. So in the interest of full transparency, leave a comment on my blog if you are a regular reader. I will do the same to you.

Rachel and I have a long tradition of taking cheesy pictures, and this one is no different. If you can't tell, we are wearing the same shirt in different colors. We bought them at Homecoming last year and did not plan to match. Great minds think alike.


Anonymous said...

Jamie- I'm so glad that our pledge class always has fun, even if it is at the expense of evil glares from the speaker. :)

Oh and the cheesy pictures of you and Rachel have always made me smile! I love you girls!!

Elisa said...

Thanks for the homecoming update! You and Rachel have convinced me that I need to see the sculpture garden. It's great to see a picture of Lauren Webster! I still think about her sometimes. What a great girl. I plan to be there in 2008, if the Lord is willing and I'm alive and kicking!

And I'm glad that you and Rachel are keeping the cheesy picture tradition alive. I hope the see you as grey-haired grannies smiling at the camera while making GATA symbols with gusto.

I read your blog on a regular basis on weekdays, and I've enjoyed the fact that you actually post regularly. It's often a bright spot during a long day.