Monday, October 02, 2006

Spin City

Has anyone ever taken a spin class? I'm thinking about signing up for a five-week class at the Rec. It's not included with my fee, so I'd have to pay a $25 supplement.

My Biggest Loser goal when I joined the Rec was to take a weight training class twice a week and a step class twice a week. I've reduced my running to 30-40 minutes twice a week and added a long run of at least an hour on Saturday. My shins are feeling a little delicate, so I've stayed away from the step class. So my cardio has dropped to only three days a week. Not good enough.

Adding spinning would give me much needed cardio. It's also a good compliment to running because it doesn't stress my legs. Is it worth $25 for five weeks? I have to decide by Wednesday.


Not much else going on. I'm watching LOST season 2 on DVD to prepare for the season premier on Wednesday.

The weather has started to warm back up, so I think I'm going to close my windows. It feels like a defeat, like closing my doors is admitting that Fall hasn't arrived. I really thought it was here. Hopefully this spring-like weather quickly gives way to cooler temperatures.

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Melanie said...

I took a spin class at my old gym and I LOVED it. (I'd be taking it every week if they offered it at my new place.) It all depends on the instructor, though. You might want to see if you can "preview" the class first and see what you think. I had a blast and felt like it maximized the time I spent working out- you can adjust the resistance to make it how hard or how easy you want. It's a great compliment to running- just be prepared for your backside to be a little sore the first few times!

Also, I had some shin issues when I first started running longer distances. What got me through it: Ice after EVERY run (10-15 min) and a good stretch I'll have to show you (Homecoming?.) Your shins are one of the weakest muscles in your legs and it takes them longer to catch up with the demand. Have a good one!