Friday, September 15, 2006

The Biggest Loser

My company is initiating a Departmental Biggest Loser competition. It begins Monday and lasts two months. My department is participating. Normally, I focus on running, but running does not equal weight loss for me. But I want to run a marathon one day, so I cannot give up on running totally. I was finally able to renew my membership at the Rec Center, which is the best deal in town, so now I have a plan. I am going to combine running, step aerobics and weight training. And a healthy diet. Luckily I have that part down for the most part. Wish me luck!


I gave blood on Wednesday, and it was not pretty. My body does not react well after I have given blood. I used to always get lightheaded and almost pass out, until one person listened to me when I said I did not give blood well. She elevated me and put ice packs on me while I gave blood. And then brought snacks and juice over to me while I sat in the chair and recovered. I stopped having problems. That did not work as well this time. I felt kind of rushed to get out of the chair, and got up too quickly. Even though I went from sitting in the donor chair to sitting someplace else, it was not enough. Pretty soon I started sweating and everything started to go white. They got me back in the donor chair, elevated and covered with ice just in time. I think I freaked a few people out with the almost fainting and the loss of color to my face. Hopefully I did not scare anyone away. I won the door prize though! I think it was a sympathy win. I wish I had a second TV to go with the DVD player I won.

I think next time I give blood I will try the option that takes a little less blood and gives you plateletts back. I might react better to that. We will see. Or I will go back to giving blood in the afternoon when I can have two meals and more water in my system. Or giving at the blood bank and not at the company blood drive so I can take my time.


I am going to see Pat Green in concert on Saturday for free. How is that? By working the United Way booth at the music festival. Nice perk.

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janie said...

Oh I'm sorry about the blood drama! I understand! I'm just so impressed that you keep giving blood - I'm DONE. :)