Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dental Torture

So, I've met a boy. He came out of nowhere, and is as close to perfect as I've found lately. Granted I've only seen him twice, but this is what I know:
  • he's a dentist
  • he's a Christian
  • he's hot
  • he's very nice and friendly
  • he's funny
  • he's my age
  • he likes to travel
  • he isn't a crazy I-Adore-Bush-and-Everything-That-Comes-Out-of-His-Mouth Republican (harder to find than you might think in conservative West Texas)
  • he likes tennis and played in HS and college
  • oh, yeah, he's married
See what I mean about almost perfect. Does God enjoy torturing me? :-) I've had conversations with some of you about my relationship patterns, and maybe this guy is so perfect for me only because I can't date him. Sigh.

Well, Mr. Hot Dentist filled one of my cavities yesterday (did I mention Mr. Hot Dentist is my dentist?). Only three more fillings and one extraction to go.


I don't know if Fall has officially arrived, but it sure feels like it. The great thing about rain in West Texas is that it almost always brings with it cooler temperatures. And they stick around a few days. When I walked out my door this morning, I wanted to go back inside and put on a jacket. Fall is my favorite season. The weather is fantastic, but it's a great season for many reasons. I love the clothes. I love football season. I love watching new episodes of my favorite TV shows. I love watching high-quality, Oscar-bound movies. I love overeating at the State Fair of Texas. I love it all! Bring on Fall!

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