Monday, September 25, 2006

Evening Ritual

I've discovered a new favorite evening ritual: being invited to a steak and tuna dinner on the drive home from the gym. Much better than returning home and cooking for myself. Wednesday's offer is dove. It helps to have friends that hunt.

I watched Weeds on DVD Saturday night instead of the Notre Dame game. I enjoyed Weeds, but come-from-behind victories are one of the reasons we watch sports.

I've had the windows in my bedroom and living room open for more than a week. I'm loving it!

I worked the Chalupa Book for my company at the local fair yesterday. I ate cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts. Totally not allowed on the Biggest Loser Diet, but totally worth it. Cheesecake is my weakness.

I'm still reading Fast Food Nation. Once I finish, I'll post some of the disturbing things I've read. The entire book is disturbing. The movie adaptation should be interesting. And disturbing.

That's enough filler for this post. Hopefully I've have something more interesting to say later.


Elisa said...

Fair time and open windows - gotta love the fall.

I'm eager to hear and at the same time dreading to know what you think about Fast Food Nation.

janie said...

I'M reading Fast Food Nation! As much as we both read, you'd think our books would have coincided before now. It IS disturbin, isn't it? It has given me the idea for a real documentary. And I might actually do it! Anything on these topics would sell reall well right now, especially when tied into the environemnt/global warming.

janie said...

I would just like to say that the last post was supposed to say "disturbing," not "disturbin." I am not a hick.

Christina said...

Other than your yummy cheesecake on a stick :) how is your biggest loser competition going. I could use some encouragement- I am trying really hard to lose some weight (well I guess seeing as how I ate 3 fudge dipped granola bars for breakfast maybe I'm not trying that hard.) But I want to try hard-does that count? I could use soem tips!!!