Saturday, September 30, 2006

Race for the Cure

The Race this morning was great! I started out slowly, but that is normal for me. About halfway through, I picked up my pace and finished strong. I can't remember the terminology for running the second half faster than the first, but I did that. I saw my dentist and some people I work with. Normally I don't see anyone I know. I brought back lots of goodies, including Sun Chips in pink Race for the Cure bags. That's a first for this particular race. And as always, I ate sausage on a stick after the run. Probably not the best decision, but it tastes so good.

I need to catch up my Texas Monthly reading. I subscribe to so many magazines that sometimes I can't keep up. But the stories are so good in Texas Monthly.

I've given up watching Dancing with the Stars. Even Emmitt Smith can't make me watch reality TV.

I think I'm going to eat Freebirds for lunch today. That sounds like a good post-race meal.

I think I'm on the edge of a cold. My throat feels like a little scratchy. Hopefully I can keep it at bay until after Homecoming.

Who is going to be at Homecoming?

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