Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TiVo-land is Complicated

I haven't been able to get my TiVo ToGo working, the nifty feature that lets you transfer programs you record, like the entire season of LOST, to your computer and burn them on DVDs. Very frustrating. The TiVo people told me my internet people would probably have to allow my TiVo and computer to communicate. Having "free" wireless internet included in your rent is fabulous, except when you want to do unusual things, like TiVo to go. If my computer could communicate with my TiVo, anyone on my apartment network could communicate with my TiVo. Not very secure, which is actually a good thing.

This just means I have to buy a router to connect my TiVo and computer. And then, I have to switch my computer over to my home network to allow TiVo ToGo transfers, and then switch it back again to access the internet. Confusing. Cross your fingers that it works.

Today at work, before I left early to work out my TiVo issues, I was elected as Staff Senate President. They bullied me in to it. A few ladies have been campaigning for me without my approval, and today, last year's president starts the meeting by saying, "We need to elect a new President. I nominate Jamie. All in favor raise your hand. (Hands raise.) OK, Jamie you are our new president." Seriously, it took less than 30 seconds. Everyone was so shocked, myself included, that we couldn't stop laughing for a while. Then she took more time and did it for real, but the result was the same. So if my actual job can't keep me busy, my extracurricular activities, like Staff Senate President, United Way Loaned Executive, and Children's Miracle Network Change Bandits coordinator will. Actually, being president will be less time consuming than my role last year on the Sense of Community committee. I think I will try to make SS big on advocacy, making sure our voices are heard by the administration. You can't fix something if you don't know it's broken.

Off to buy a router!


Christina said...

Here's the easiest roast recipe in the world. Put your roast (whatever size you want) in the crock pot. Add enough cut carrots and potatoes to fill the pot up. Then put in a can (or two cans if your crock pot is big) of cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup. Kinda stir the soup so in mizes with the veggies and cook on high for about 6 hours! Wa-lah! After we're tired of eating roast I usually shred the meat with a fork and then mx in ALOT of BBQ sauce and have chopped BBQ sandwiches. YUM!
Oh yeah- and yes I'm coming to the ACU anniversary :) It'll just be me and the baby- since we can afford to pay full ticket price for Cory, myself, and Levi.

Elisa said...

Sonds like you stay quite busy. I especially like the title "Change Bandit Coordinator." Good luck on figuring out TiVo!